How to Sell a Game to Game Stop?

Answer In this article you will read how to sell a game to Game Stop.

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How much would a 2nd hand laptop sell for?

You know I don't know much about these things or those.I was gave a price of $150 a guy wanted to sell.There are too many unknowns about them.If it has a virus in it,then you are out another $50.00... Read More »

How much is an MP3 player and an E-Matic camera How much to trade it at Game Stop?

How much would a barely used kindle 2 sell for?

You can look at the used offers of different Kindle models, and see those "Like - New" offer: are basically what people are trading the Kindles for.

How much would a used ipod touch 4g sell for?

Not very much by the looks of it.... get a new case from Ebay ($1) then put it in a draw and forget about it, in 30 years it might be worth something....