How much cheese could Chuck E. Cheese chuck if Chuck E. Cheese could chuck cheese?

Answer For as long as people buy it and eat it Chuck E. Cheese will keep on chucking all the cheese that we eat. (I like Chuck E. Cheese he is so cute…

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I have a piece of chuck missing on the outside of a wood entertainment center how do I fix it?

Fill the hole with wood filler and stain to match.

On the TV show chuck what is the song with the great beat at the beginning of Chuck vs the First Date?

It was never released it was made for Chuck. It is not actually a song it is designed to fit chuck.

What episode of Chuck does chuck propose to sarah?

Do Chuck and Sarah ever get together in the TV show Chuck?

Yes they do. After a few ups and downs, Chuck and Sarah finally get together properly in Series 3, Episode 13 - Chuck versus The Other Guy