How much would a iPod be?

Answer of course, which type?

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How much would I get for a 32 gig iPod touch?

If its a 2g then about 100. If it's a 3g then at least 150.

How much tax would an ipod shuffle be in california?

The iPod Shuffle is $49 before tax. California's sales tax rate is between 7.25 - 9.75% (depending on the city you live in) which will give you a total price between $52.55 and $53.78. You can fi... Read More »

How much would a iPod Touch cost?

The 8GB iPod Touch costs $230.The 16GB iPod Touch costs $299.The 32GB iPod Touch costs $399.

How much would you buy my Ipod Touch Generation 2?

I would say 50$. It isn't worth much. The hardware is just too old and can't support even iOS 4.2.1 properly. It lags too much.