How much would a gaming desktop cost?

Answer Hi friend, I found this awesome post from Google that seems to answer your question directly. It basically speaks about what brands to use, videos on assembling your own computer, and also gives a ... Read More »

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Gaming Versus: Desktop Vs. Laptop gaming?

I actually had a questions about this myself. (I wasn't so nice about it). Graphics for Laptops are built onto the motherboard. You buy the laptop with the graphics built in to it. This is fine... Read More »

What do you think of this gaming desktop?

It only has 4GB RAM and the disk is tiny (250GB) and outdated. Plus, it's way overpriced. You should look for something else.

Gaming Desktop Set-up?

There are so many options its hard to begin to answer this, but I'll try to steer you in the right direction. As for the projector, your gonna want to make sure that the video card you buy has an i... Read More »

Which desktop would be better for gaming?

please avoid cyberpower and i buy power shitty customer service shitty products and awful assembly. try digitalstorm or there has been so much issues with those 2 im suprised they ... Read More »