How much would a Game Boy Color be worth Considering it's in great condion and it's the purple transparent Game Boy?

Answer They go for an average range of $10-$20 on eBay, esp. if it sill has the plastic battery cover and no scratches on the screen.

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Can a Game Boy Color game play on a Game Boy Advance?

There are two models of Game Boy Advance: the regular model, and the SP. Both models are able to play older Game Boy Color titles. The Game Boy Advance provides this capability right out of the box... Read More »

Can game boy color games play on a game boy advance?

Game Boy Color games will play on a Game Boy Advance (GBA) or Game Boy Advance SP console. Both the original GBA and GBA SP support Game Boy Color games as well as games designed for the original G... Read More »

Does the Game Boy Micro play Game Boy Color games?

Game Boy Micros do not play Game Boy Color games. Only the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and GameCube Game Boy Player systems will play Game Boy Color games.References:Ninte... Read More »

Can you play Game Boy color games on a Game Boy Advance SP?

Games for the Nintendo Game Boy Color are fully compatible with the Game Boy Advance, or GBA, and Game Boy Advance SP handheld game systems. Games made before June 2001 may have an "Only for Game B... Read More »