How much would I have to approximately pay for daycare?

Answer You might look into licensed home day cares as they are, sometimes, more flexible in schedules. Some might charge only for the days you actually need the service.A lot will depend on the area you ... Read More »

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How much would a rx-7 Ls1 complete build approximately cost?

How much approximately would food cost be in Las Vegas for 7 days?

Well, several of the casino buffets are about the same price as a 'meal' at any of the famous fast food hamburger joints - many are $10.00 or less.There is also a special now:24 Hour Buffet PassEnj... Read More »

How much would it be to hire out a function room for a night approximately of course?

Impossible to answer, there are cheap places and expensive places. Best thing to do is google a fe local places and look at their prices. Your question is like asking How much does a car cost?

Approximately how much would a new pair of prescription glasses cost at Pearle Vision?

It all depends on what frames you buy, what quality of lenses and additions you need. Along with this, the prices of eyeglasses are similar at all stores. Normally frames run around 100-200 USD and... Read More »