How much would I get for selling my computer?

Answer you should get between 500-1000 pounds for it.Better yet GIVE it to me for free and I'll sell it and give you 10% of the profit.

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How much would my computer be worth?

2.2ghz, even in a dual core CPU is low3 gigs is an odd number, meaning the motherboard isn't running in dual channel mode, meaning it runs slowThe card is outdaded, not bad, but outdated.Vista. Eno... Read More »

How much would it cost to build a computer?

It should easily cost less than a thousand dollars to build a powerful desktop computer from scratch. A moderate computer can even be built for around $500. An ultra cheap computer can be made for ... Read More »

How much would this computer cost?

You would be looking at $700 minimum up to $1000 if you had a decent graphics card .

How much would it cost to ship a desktop computer?

On average, shipping a desktop computer within the contiguous United States, would be between $30 to $50 for a ground delivery. To receive precise up-to date shipping quotes, visit your local posta... Read More »