How much would I get for selling my computer?

Answer you should get between 500-1000 pounds for it.Better yet GIVE it to me for free and I'll sell it and give you 10% of the profit.

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How can I wipe my computer before selling it?

You can get programs that will erase the majority. But the only sure fire way is to physically destroy the hard drive with a hammer, these programs don't erase everything 100% !! :)

My friend is selling me this computer am i getting a good deal?

Yes I would say you are getting a fair deal. A brand new Dell Inspiron 546 MT isn't even that cheap but the inspiron has a better processor. 3.40GHz without dual core nowadays is a bit low. If you... Read More »

How to Delete Personal Information Before Selling Your Computer?

Selling your old computer can help you pay for your new one, but you should be aware of the dangers. Others can access your personal information if it is not completely deleted from the hard drive.... Read More »

How do I clean a Mac hard drive before selling the computer?

Boot with the OS DiscTurn on or restart your computer. Press and hold "Option" as the computer boots up until an image of your start-up disk appears. Insert the Mac OS X Install Disc. An image of t... Read More »