How much would 4 iPhones cost monthly with an everything plan?

Answer Its mostly what occurred during the experiment/ the information one has to use to conclude the purpose of it.

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How much does the iPhone internet cost with 2 iPhones on one plan each with full internet and unlimited SMS?

T-Mobile, unless you unlock it......which will make the phone usable with almost all companies. However, the features might change depending on the service you use after it's unlocked!

Can an iphones monthly bill be around 30?

Ofcourse you can use your phone without a sim card you absolute pillock.

What are the monthly costs for iPhones on tmobile or cingular?

Yes it will still work in the United Kingdom. There are cell phone towers located across the the entire world.

What happens after the 3 year plan with an iPhone so does a person have to return the phone back or can keep it and get another plan and is the 3 year plan just a rental cost or is it permanent?