How much work will it take to lift a 4-kg baby 1 meter into her crib?

Answer 39.2j

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How to Line a Baby's Crib Without a Baby Bumper?

If you are trying to keep those little arms and legs inside the crib, you no longer need to get a baby bumper. You may now line your baby's crib with a breathable crib shield made out of mesh. Th... Read More »

When should I get a crib for my baby?

There is no rush to put her in a crib just yet. Find out the weight/age limits of the bassinet. Also when she's rolling over then it's time to move her if the sides are low. I have my 6 month old i... Read More »

What age should a baby be to put it in a crib?

Babies can sleep in a crib as soon as they are born. According to, putting a newborn directly into a crib instead of a bassinet or cradle first is a personal preference.References:Ba... Read More »

How to Buy a Baby Crib?

Image:Http:Shopping for baby cribs can be daunting and stressful. There are hundreds of models with all sorts of bells and whistles, and since you don't have your baby yet, you may not even be sure... Read More »