How much work will it take to lift a 4-kg baby 1 meter into her crib?

Answer 39.2j

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If I take out a hard drive preloaded with windows and programs etc. and put it into another pc, will it work?

No it will NOT work.If you did it it would either hang at the start of the bootor it will blue screen straight away on you.This because the OS will not recognise the motherboard or BIOSnor any of t... Read More »

How much does gas doe a space shuttle take to lift off?

Can I lift with a Sprained wrist and how long will it take to heal?

Whatever tasks you are doing is OK. But do not lift weights till the sprain is disappeared. It may take ten days to get it healed perfectly.

How Much Weight Will the Ford 8N Tractor Lift?

A Ford 8N Tractor, which was produced between 1947 and 1952, is capable of 800 pounds of rear lift with a three-point hitch. The original price of the tractor, in 1952 dollars, was $1,404.Reference... Read More »