I have a piece of chuck missing on the outside of a wood entertainment center how do I fix it?

Answer Fill the hole with wood filler and stain to match.

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Why would you stain the wood?

Wood stains change the wood's color, texture and pattern. Some stains come in gels or liquids and are water or oil based. Results of wood stains vary depending on the type of stain, application and... Read More »

Would a wood bat hit better than an aluminum bat?

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What kind of wood would I use for a dining table?

I have made a few for myself, family and freinds. I prefer Maple, however I have made 2 from Oak. Dont use any pine, as it is too soft and anything dropped on it leaves a mark. I feel I can get the... Read More »

Why do they have so many different versions of Cialis Isn't wood wood?

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