How much wood do termites eat in a day?

Answer Termites eat non-stop, all day long. There are a few different types of termites, but they all have the same eating pattern and diet. Although they eat all day long, a full colony (about 60,000 ter... Read More »

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Do termites live in wood?

Most varieties of termites live in soil and are called subterranean termites. Drywood termites nest in and eat wood, whether that of rotting trees or the structure of houses. These termites cause m... Read More »

Do termites only eat wood?

The main diet of almost all termites is some form of plant fibre (cellulose) and they get this from the soil, grass and trees. Some eat only fungus. Lots will eat other termites from time to time B... Read More »

Do subterranean termites eat wood?

Subterranean termites build nests in the soil near homes. They eat wood and often target and infest homes by building tunnels that lead directly from their nests into the walls of homes that contai... Read More »

Cedar Wood and Termites?

In cartoons, you just hear the word "termites" and suddenly there is a swarm of insects that devour, piranha-like, all the wood in sight within seconds. The reality is a slower process, though some... Read More »