How could I make that "Saw Dust Wood" at home?

Answer Hi Bruce, The stuff Ikea makes, if I'm not mistaken, is MDF. MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. It is made out of sawdust, a solution of a kind of adhesive(there's your glue) and lots thousa... Read More »

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How Could I make that "Saw Dust" Wood at home?

I believe it's made in a heated hydraulic press, or something like that

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Ideas for Using Wood Pallets or Wood Skids Around the Farm?

Wood pallets are useful for a number of purposes, but they're primarily made for moving products around easily. In The United States alone, Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources says four bi... Read More »

Is pressure-treated wood the only wood that can be used for decks?

Decks may be built using different kinds of woods, including pine, cedar and redwood. Pressure-treated lumber lasts the longest for decks without maintenance, but deck lumber does not have to be pr... Read More »