How much wine will I need to order?

Answer If they're Baptists or Muslims, none, in theory.

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If you are going to order a vehicle and will not take possession for at least six weeks do you need insurance when placing the order?

%REPLIES% Answer No Answer The seller might require it, but even if you had it, you could argue that the seller's coverage would apply since you hadn't taken possession of the vehicle. Almost alwa... Read More »

How much wine do I need?

either 7 bottles of wine or one good bottle of whiskey. i'd go with the whiskey. for my son's third birthday, me and all the little brats...errrr...guests played quarters. it was fun and most impo... Read More »

How much beer and wine do you need for a party?

On One Hand: Use a FormulaPurchase two drinks per person for the first hour and then one drink per person for every hour after that. Purchase beverages and cups to limit the drink size. This will h... Read More »

Will too much yeast hurt wine?

On One Hand: Yeasts RemovedGrape skins have a natural yeast, and during fermentation, that yeast feeds on the sugars in the grape pulp. The temperature during this phase of winemaking influences th... Read More »