How much wine do I need?

Answer either 7 bottles of wine or one good bottle of whiskey. i'd go with the whiskey. for my son's third birthday, me and all the little brats...errrr...guests played quarters. it was fun and most impo... Read More »

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How much wine will I need to order?

If they're Baptists or Muslims, none, in theory.

How much beer and wine do you need for a party?

On One Hand: Use a FormulaPurchase two drinks per person for the first hour and then one drink per person for every hour after that. Purchase beverages and cups to limit the drink size. This will h... Read More »

How much sugar do i need to make wine out of 1 litre orange juice?

Do i need to chill cabernet wine?

Cabernet Sauvignon, commonly shortened as cabernet, does not need to be chilled. Like many robust red wines, cabernet is best stored and served at slightly below room temperature; low 60s degree Fa... Read More »