How much wind does it take to blow down a mobile home?

Answer Federal law requires mobile homes to be resistant to winds from 70 MPH up to 110 MPH, depending on the local hurricane and tornado risk.Source:Mobile Home Mortality Rates in Severe WindsManufacture... Read More »

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How much wind can a large wind turbine take?

Wind turbines are designed to begin electric production at wind speeds of 7 to 13 miles per hour. They reach maximum efficiency with wind speeds of 25 miles per hour. Wind speeds that exceed 40 to ... Read More »

How much heat does it take to turn a wind turbine?

None. A wind turbine turns purely because of the kinetic energy of the wind, which the turbine blades and shaft convert to mechanical energy. This mechanical energy, in turn, becomes electrical ene... Read More »

In which direction does a northeastern wind blow?

Winds are named for the direction from which they come, not the direction they are going. Therefore, a northeastern wind comes from the northeast and blows southwest, provided that it does not chan... Read More »

Which direction does the wind blow most?

On One Hand: It varies widelyThe direction the wind blows most frequently differs depending on location. Wind direction is determined by topography, nearby bodies of water, air pressure, elevation ... Read More »