***How much will it cost to open up this hotel***?

Answer I would have to star this one. Scary question.Opening is easy.But the hard part is running it.It's not whats in your inventory It's about how will you market it.Staffing is a major cause of weather... Read More »

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Will my Ontario Health Card cover the cost of a circumcision for a sixteen year old and if not how much will it cost me and do I need to involve my parents?

Answer OHIP does not cover circumcision. The only exception is that OHIP will cover circumcision of a teenager or adult if there is an existing condition that makes circumcision medically necessary... Read More »

How much will a iphone 4g 32gb will cost with out a upgrade?

It was seriously driving me crazy, but I finally realized it's Andrew J. West. He was on Greek for a season, and has been in a lot of other shows!

When will Etisalat and Du start selling iPhone 4 in Dubai and around how much will it cost?

Am Guessing 16GB = 2500 Dhs 32GB = 2800 Dhs 64GB = 3200 Dhs or less

How much will a 4 years in Princeton will cost in 2018?

u get administrative priviliges like u can over clock your phone, install custom roms etc...for more consult