How much will the new 4g iphone be?

Answer I dunno mates

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How much will it cost you to upgrade from iPhone 3G to the new iPhone 4 with At and t?

If you've been with AT&T for atleast a year it will cost you $200 and a two year contract.

How much will the iPhone 3g be priced at in the UK when the iPhone 3gs is launched?

I personally don't think the price will differ much from its US price of $ 199 and $ 299 depending on memory. It'll be quite the same in equivalent.

When the iPhone 5 comes out how much will the iPhone 4 cost?

You can use some applications for free, others you have to pay for. You need to check with your company to find out which are the free services.

How much will it cost to upgrade an iPhone 3g to an iPhone OS?

The question makes no sense, there is not "iPhone OS" model of iPhone.Assuming you are referring to getting the new operating system (OS) on your iPhone 3G, it is a free download.