How much will the Samsung Infuse 4G cost in a upgrade?

Answer It has a keyboard that's all that matters.

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How much does a samsung captivate cost with an upgrade?

When will the samsung infuse get 2.3?

AT&T said it would be out in AUGUST. It's now NOVEMBER. So I would say the samsung infuse will NEVER get 2.3

Is the iPhone 4S better than a Samsung infuse?

You can purchase a sim free (unlocked) iPhone either direct from the apple website or any other good mobile phone stockist or retailer.

How to change sms tone on samsung infuse 4g?

I made an account just for this because this also had me confused. What you are going to want to do is select messages(text) app then get out of any text you might be in to where you see all of you... Read More »