How much will it take me to get drunk?

Answer Depends on height, weight, and age. Just start pounding on them, wont take long.

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How much will it take for me to get drunk?

yes, you will get drunker quicker without eating. Im also a male weighing 125lbs, and i can do anywhere between 5-8 shots before start feeling the alcohol. now getting to where you are unsure of w... Read More »

How much alcohol will it take to get me drunk?

Your height is a real hindrance to your being able to drink a lot. Drink 3/4 a bottle of Jack Daniels and you will be wasted.

How many shots will it take to get me drunk?

3-4 depending on your height and metabolism. Try absynth if you're really wanting a fast delivery... wait, you're 14? Slightly illegal but whatever...

How much would it take me to get drunk?

It annoys me when people ask this. You could have two people of the same height and weight and one could be drunk twice as quickly as the other. Pace your drinks and stop when you feel drunk enough... Read More »