How much will it cost to upgrade an iPhone 3g to an iPhone OS?

Answer The question makes no sense, there is not "iPhone OS" model of iPhone.Assuming you are referring to getting the new operating system (OS) on your iPhone 3G, it is a free download.

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How much does it cost to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS on an O2-UK iPhone tariff?

that is the sad part about iPhones. you still have to pay full price for the phone even if you have an upgrade or not. here , iPhone3G is 99$ plus tax or tariff. and iPhone 3Gs is 199$ plus tax or ... Read More »

How much will it cost you to upgrade from iPhone 3G to the new iPhone 4 with At and t?

If you've been with AT&T for atleast a year it will cost you $200 and a two year contract.

How much would an iPhone 4S cost on AT and T if you have an upgrade?

How much does the Iphone 4 cost with an upgrade?