How much will it cost to insure another person to drive your car?

Answer Answer It depends on the age of the child. Technically, the parent is responsible for anything that the child does up to the age of resposibility, whatever that is in your state.Instead of worryin... Read More »

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How many cars can one person own and insure?

However many they can afford. and have room to park

Can one person insure two cars?

Answer One person can insure as many vehicles as he/she can afford.

Can you insure yourself to drive someone else's car?

Answer Yes, but that shouldn't be needed. You can occasionally drive a friends car and be covered under their policy without being listed as a driver. If you are a regular driver of your friends ca... Read More »

Can You Insure a Car in Another Person's Name if It Has a Loan in Your Spouse's Name?

Driving without insurance is a serious offense. Violators can face fines, lawsuits and even jail time for serious accidents. Insurance is imperative; yet adding someone to a policy when a vehicle i... Read More »