How much will it cost to have a tea or coffee at Taj Hotel, Mumbai?

Answer Not more than 500 rs. More than that is just bizarre.

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***How much will it cost to open up this hotel***?

I would have to star this one. Scary question.Opening is easy.But the hard part is running it.It's not whats in your inventory It's about how will you market it.Staffing is a major cause of weather... Read More »

How much does a A4 color print out cost in mumbai,India?

Anything from Rs 10 to Rs 50 per print, depending on the area and the shop. he cheapest are in Fort area. But if you are in suburbs somewhere, better to pay more and get it from a neighbourhood xer... Read More »

Who built the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai?

The Taj Mahal Hotel was built in 1903 by Jamsetji N. Tata. Tata built the Taj Mahal Hotel because he believed that Bombay, now call Mumbai, needed a grand hotel. Tata was the founder of the Tata Gr... Read More »

How Much Will It Cost to Have a Dog Trained?

The cost of raising and training a service dog is around $25,000. This cost is spread out over the course of two years as that is the time frame to adequately train the animal.Source: Read More »