How much will it cost to have Best Buy install more RAM on my laptop?

Answer The memory should be less that 60 dollars total. The cost to install is $39 exactly. I do this every day for Best Buy. Go to… and choose your model for th... Read More »

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I have 750 harddrive if i install 150 pc games on my laptop can it affect the laptop?

How much would a laptop cost ?

Depends what you want really,you could get a really good one for about £400-£500

How much dose a laptop cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

800 - 1000 for a good average one, 1500+ for more high end

How much does a laptop computer cost new?

Laptop computers vary greatly in cost depending on the brand, size, operating system and components. Basic laptops or netbooks are available online or in stores for under $300 as of 2009, but you ... Read More »