How much will a dealership make on a $14,000 car?

Answer Depending on the make and model of car, car dealership profit margins generally run between 4 and 13 percent, with the average profit around 7 to 8 percent. On a $14,000 car, this means the profit ... Read More »

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How much will a dealership make on a $14000 car?

Dealer profit on a $14,000 sale varies dramatically. The dealer can make thousands, depending on how much he pays for the vehicle and what he can sell it for (wholesale versus retail). Or, she may ... Read More »

How much is 14000 square feet in meters?

There are about 1,300.64 square meters in 14,000 square feet. Square feet are the unit of area in the imperial system. Square meters are the measure of area in the metric system.References:Colorado... Read More »

How much does the average car dealership make per year?

According to Hoovers Information Service, the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) reports that the average new car dealership sells 775 news cars for a total revenue of $30 million per year. ... Read More »

How much does car dealership liability insurance cost?

A car dealership's liability insurance, also called garage keeper's insurance or garage insurance, costs about 3.75 percent of the dealership's gross profits. Factors that influence cost are the de... Read More »