How much will a bicycle helmet reduce your chances of injury?

Answer The basic idea behind a bicycle helmet is for the helmet to absorb the force of an impact to the head. The soft material that lines the helmet squashes upon impact, reducing and spreading its forc... Read More »

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Difference Between a Motorcycle Helmet & Bicycle Helmet?

Motorcycle and bicycle helmets appear common in nature and desired function, but these helmets are actually quite different and share only a few similarities. The differences in these helmet types ... Read More »

Does California have a bicycle helmet law?

California law states that children under 18 years old must wear helmets when riding bicycles. Helmets must meet American National Standards Institute criteria. They must be properly fitted and rem... Read More »

Bicycle Helmet Law in Washington?

There is no state law requiring bicycle helmets, but nearly 25 cities and several counties in Washington do require helmet use when riding bicycles. While each jurisdiction has the power to issue i... Read More »

Florida's Bicycle Helmet Law?

Florida is one of the leading states in helmet awareness due to a helmet law enacted in the state in 1997. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, only twenty-one states and the District ... Read More »