How much will a 4 years in Princeton will cost in 2018?

Answer u get administrative priviliges like u can over clock your phone, install custom roms etc...for more consult

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How high or low do u think gas will be in 2018?

How much does it cost to get braces put on someone who is 13 years old?

It depends:Where do you live?WIll you pay in full? (some orthos offer a discount for people that go this route)How many problems?Metal or Ceramic?How many problems?What does the cost include (appli... Read More »

How much did the paper cost 5 years ago?

Yep totally sucks and it will never be good.

Which is better, Kaplan or Princeton Review for the SAT?

On One Hand: Both Guarantee Higher ScoresKaplan and Princeton Review both guarantee they will refund your money or allow you to repeat the course if your SAT score does not improve after you study ... Read More »