How much will I save if I pay extra house payments?

Answer Paying an extra house payment here and there can save you money depending on when you pay it and how many extra payments you make. Depending on your situation, the interest you save can be worth st... Read More »

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How do I calculate extra payments for a loan?

Find Loan InformationLook up all the basic information on your loan. You need to know the amount borrowed, the month in which repayment began, the number of months in your repayment term and the in... Read More »

How do I calculate extra mortgage payments?

Download a CalculatorCalculating extra payments is not simple since mortgage interest is compounding. Extra payments made have a large affect on the amount of interest due, especially early in the ... Read More »

Is it worth it to make extra payments on a car loan?

On One Hand: You'll Save Considerable Money on InterestPaying extra on your car loan each month reduces your principle balance faster than if you simply make your minimum payment each month, which ... Read More »

How do i calculate extra principle payments on auto loans?

Make sure your auto loan provider will accept extra payments on principal before you make any such payments. Some loan providers do not allow you to pay on principal before all interest is paid. Fi... Read More »