How much will I make at basic training?

Answer The combination of pay and benefits received at basic training is different for everyone based on family and experience. With more experience the military values, more pay will be made at basic tr... Read More »

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How much money will I make in basic training?

According to 2008-2009 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the entry-level wage for U.S. military enlisted personnel at the E-I grade is $1,203.90 a month. Those with specialized ski... Read More »

How many people don't make it through basic training?

Maybe 5% or so, but it's usually just the one's really out of shape or who can't take orders or can't make marksman on the range ,which are the top 3 reasons some get sent to a platoon that graduat... Read More »

How many people make it through basic training?

Approximately 90 percent of boot camp recruits complete basic training and move on successfully. This means that if 100 thousand people enter boot camp each year, 90 thousand will emerge on the oth... Read More »

Does a entry level separation from basic training make you a veteran?