How much will I get for selling a laptop at a pawnshop?

Answer While each pawn store owner is different and follows different guidelines for buying, you may generally get about $100-$150 for selling a laptop at a pawnshop. The newer the computer is, the more y... Read More »

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How do I clean out information before selling a laptop?

Format the hard drive. Insert the operating system CD in the CD drive and restart the computer. Choose to install Windows again by agreeing to the license agreement. Choose the current hard drive ... Read More »

I'm selling my laptop how do I reset it so it is like when I first bought it?

The Easiest thing to do is to load your recovery cd and reinstall windows or if you don't have the cd, then get a legal free trial of windows then enter the product key on the bottom the the pc.Win... Read More »

How to Clean Out Information Before Selling a Laptop?

Anyone planning on selling a laptop who has concerns about privacy should clean out the information from the laptop before selling it. You can do this by restoring the computer to its factory setti... Read More »

How do I bargain at a pawnshop?

Buy in BundlesTry to group items together when making a purchase. If you find a few items you want at a pawn shop, try to get one price for all three items, and then begin negotiating. Pawn shops a... Read More »