How much will I get for my scrap copper?

Answer On One Hand: Current Market ValuePayouts for recycling metals like copper depend on the current commodity market value. The value fluctuates several times a day and a scrap metal yard or recycling ... Read More »

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How much does a pound of copper scrap go for?

As of Nov. 21, 2009, copper is worth $3.10 per pound. If you take a pound of scrap copper to a recycling facility, you may not receive the full spot market price. However, the market price does aff... Read More »

How much is scrap copper worth?

Like many other metals, the value of copper fluctuates as the demand for it changes. The rate for scrap copper in November 2009 was about $2.95 per pound.Source:Current Primary and Scrap Metal Values

What does scrap copper sell for?

As of July 2010 pure scrap copper was valued at $2.95 per pound. The price of copper fluctuates daily. There are several types of copper scrap including no. 1 scrap, no. 2 scrap, soldered copper pi... Read More »

Oklahoma Copper Scrap Law?

Scrap metal dealers pay a premium price for copper tubing, wire and cable. Because copper is commonly used in plumbing and electrical materials, theft at construction sites, vacant buildings and f... Read More »