How much will 4 more gigs of RAM effect performance?

Answer The one vital piece of information you've omitted is the version of Windows you're using.  If it's 64-bit, then the extra 4GB will make a noticeable improvement;  if it's 32-bit, then the operati... Read More »

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What will boost my gaming performance more?

Very Much Inclined to agree with the doctor you need the extra 4-gig of Ram to run with what you have already got 4 gig is not enough you need to have 8 gig I am anticipating that your running wind... Read More »

Can I install 2x1 gigs in a computer that has 2x512 gigs for a total of 3gigs?

In your experience, what’s more important for performance More RAM or a better processor?

Depending on what you do either could be better. Secondly, the type of processor and RAM also play a part - Quad or Duo? Atom or Centrino? DDR3 or DDR2? Dual channel or More/Less? Third; how much... Read More »

How much is 32 gigs on an iPad 2?

no you cant, u can only work with what you got