How much whisky is to much before breakfast?

Answer No, no,'s:"How much whiskey should you have FOR breakfast?"

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How much whisky does it take to get slightly drunk?

For your first time giving it a go you really wont need that much to get you tipsy. Probably a glass or two of wine will do, whiskey/spirits will get you messed up and your parents will probably fi... Read More »

Is 600-700 calories too much for breakfast?

Well no, actually a big breakfast is recommended.. it helps you snack less during the day and actually decreases your overall calorie consumption (it also helps keep sugar cravings at bay) but it d... Read More »

Is this a okay breakfast or too much to eat?

Anybody who counts individual cherries and berries has a big problem, and that problem is definitely not eating too much or too 'fattening'.Please seek help, you are either well on your way to deve... Read More »

How much protein should you eat for breakfast?

You should eat lots of protein in the morning. A good breakfast is half of an orange or grapefruit, milk, Eggs, and toast. You should have a smaller meal for lunch, and an even smaller meal for din... Read More »