How much were typewriters in the 1900s?

Answer In 1944, typewriters cost $35 to produce and sold for $115.50, according to Because most transactions included trade-ins, only about a third of consumers paid the full list price.... Read More »

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What Were Some Typical Jobs Women Might Have Occupied in the 1900s?

The job options available to women at the beginning of the 20th century were quite different than those available to them at the beginning of the 21st. Throughout the 20th century, most women still... Read More »

How to Buy Vintage Typewriters?

Typewriters were standard office equipment in America and Europe from around 1890 to 1980. Remington typewriters introduced the "QWERTY" keyboard that is still used on computer keyboards today. Old... Read More »

How much were Cadbury Dairy Milk's when they were launched in 1905?

When it was launched, Dairy Milk was sold to retailers in large, unwrapped blocks. The retailers would then cut the blocks down to smaller bars, which sold for 1D (one old penny) each. That is th... Read More »

How Typewriters Are Used in Education?

So many people use computers today that the typewriter can now be looked upon as an outdated communications tool. However, the typewriter is not altogether extinct, as educators might use typewrite... Read More »