How much were the first pair of converse tennis shoes?

Answer Converse first opened its doors in 1908. In 1915 the company introduced the tennis shoe line, costing an average of $1 per pair. By 1957 the Chuck Taylor All-Stars were selling for $3.95 per pair.S... Read More »

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What was the cost of Converse tennis shoes in 1969?

A pair of Converse "All Star" tennis shoes cost $7.99 in 1969, according to the advertised price in The Register-Guard newspaper from Eugene, Oregon. Tennis rackets ranged from $4.49 to $8.99, and ... Read More »

How to Break in a New Pair of Tennis Shoes?

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How to Make a Pair of "Vintage" Converse?

Chuck's, Converse or All-Stars, you may know them by many names but anyone who wears Converse knows that the more dirty and worn-in they look, the cooler and more comfortable they are!

How much does a pair of All star converse low cut cost ?

Depends whether the converse is solid-colored, print, or limited addition. Solid colors usually cost about $45 dollars, prints normally cost in the $50s, and limited editions can run into the $60s ... Read More »