How much were Cadbury Dairy Milk's when they were launched in 1905?

Answer When it was launched, Dairy Milk was sold to retailers in large, unwrapped blocks. The retailers would then cut the blocks down to smaller bars, which sold for 1D (one old penny) each. That is th... Read More »

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What is milks substitute?

Maybe you are lactose intolerant...I am. I know how milk smells....YUCK!!! Tastes....YUCK!!! It's really smelly. I gave up drinking direct milk and dahi (that's a sort of Indian yoghurt). Eat cotta... Read More »

Please help me with the differences we read on low fat milks?

Marlenek is right about the fat content.Vit A is fat soluble- which means your body stores it, unlike vit C which is water soluble and passes, your body can't store it. Vit A doesn't have to come f... Read More »

Are there any vegan milks that do not need refrigerated after opening?

Powdered soy is the best I can think of as well. We have a baggy of it in our cupboard, been there for awhile. When I run out of soy milk and need a quick fix for cereals thats what I use. Its not ... Read More »

Where would I, Average Joe, go to use a phone in 1905 America?

They weren't as wide-spread as they are now. In addition, sometimes many people shared the same line. In fact, there were so few that each call was routed by hand by operators. In the old days y... Read More »