How much weight would you loose if you didn't eat for two weeks?

Answer Probably 10-20kg coming from fat and muscles.

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How much weight will i loose if i didnt eat and just drank water for 2 weeks?

Don't drink coffee. There's sugar in it that will not help you lose weight. Regardless, you DON'T need to do that. I don't know how stones convert into pounds, but anyway, you're losing 40% of your... Read More »

How much weight would i loose if i didnt eat for 2-3 whole days?

How much weight will I loose in 6 weeks from eating 1 meal a day and throwing it up?

No and its realy unhealthy and stupid you have a good chance of loosing the weight if u eat healthily and exercise just try and burn the calories that you eat forcing yourself to throw up rots your... Read More »

How can a 14 year old girl loose weight in 6 weeks.?

Cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming or anything that raises your heart rate. Eating healthy is also very important, make breakfast your biggest meal, then make lunch smaller and din... Read More »