How much weight will you lose on a gastric bypass diet?

Answer The amount of weight you will lose on the gastric bypass diet will vary depending on how well you follow the plan and if you exercise. Typical weight loss is 5 to 10 pounds per month.Source:Gastric... Read More »

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How much weight loss can be expected the first months after gastric bypass?

Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery will vary per person. The average person will lose at least 10 to 20 pounds per month.Source:Medline Plus

How much weight a week will I lose if I stick to this diet?

Just some tips....try honey instead of brown sugar in the oatmeal:) and I'm not too sure, it depends on your metabolism....but remember that to lose weight safely the maximum amount of weight u sho... Read More »

Additional weight loss needed after 10 yr gastric bypass?

Linda, there's a product called the Solar Belt which you can find in the athletic/sports department at any WalMart. It costs somewhere around $8 (USD).It just wraps around your waist & as you move ... Read More »

Can gastric bypass surgery cure Type I diabetics who are not over weight?

No, it cannot cure type 1 and only in RARE instances has it "cured" type 2. After the person loses some weight, the symptoms are greatly reduced and the diabetes is controlled. You need to do som... Read More »