How much weight should my baby gain in a week?

Answer Parents of newborn babies are often concerned about how much weight their baby is gaining. Is the baby gaining enough weight or too much? Knowing the answers to these questions is crucial in maint... Read More »

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How Much Weight Should a Baby Gain Per Week & Per Day?

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How much weight per week should i gain in the second trimester of pregnancy?

On One Hand: Aim for 1 Lb. Each WeekAccording to the March of Dimes Foundation, women that begin pregnancy at a healthy weight should gain approximately 1 lb. per week during the second trimester. ... Read More »

How Much Weight Should a Breastfed Baby Gain?

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How much should I eat this week to gain 1-2kg?

Olivia, I was like that too and I started to drink Instant Breakfast between meals, it comes in all flavors and mixed with whole milk it will add 350 extra calories per glass if you can do that you... Read More »