How much weight should I lose with this routine?

Answer 2-3 pounds a week I suppose! I'm trying to loose weight too! I'm 15! But I aim for 1 pound a week

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Is this a good workout routine to lose weight?

That is a great idea, but I suggest doing 1/2 hour of cardio on mon, wed and fri. And switch up the machines you use aswell or your body will become immune to the exercise and it will do nothing af... Read More »

How much weight can I lose on this diet?

It's important that you keep your program enjoyable, not only in the exercising and dieting, but that you don't expect too much too soon. Don't rely on the scale at all in the beginning, your weigh... Read More »

How much should you eat to lose weight?

According to preventative medicine specialist, Donald Hensrud, losing weight is quite simple if you observe one simple rule. You must burn all of the calories that you consume in one day, and then... Read More »

How much weight should i lose(pic)?

I know it sounds corny but you look beautiful the way you are believe me if you ask 5 guys all 5 would say the same