How Much Fat Should I Eat a Day to Lose Weight?

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How much weight should i lose(pic)?

I know it sounds corny but you look beautiful the way you are believe me if you ask 5 guys all 5 would say the same

How much should you eat to lose weight?

According to preventative medicine specialist, Donald Hensrud, losing weight is quite simple if you observe one simple rule. You must burn all of the calories that you consume in one day, and then... Read More »

My weight 240 lb n my height is 5/4 how much should i lose?

Good grief, woman; you should weigh under 120 and be at peace, so let's seehow we can remedy this harmful situation. Stress and obesity are killers:A good food plan would be:Breakfast: low fat mi... Read More »

How much weight should i lose *PICS*?

You don't seem overweight to me. I think you should just get more toned. Do some more cardio and you'd feel more energetic. Please don't resort to any dangerous weight loss plans. Health is #1.