How much weight does a baby gain before birth?

Answer The average weight of an unborn baby right before birth is 7.5 lbs., according to A 34 week old unborn baby is typically 4.7 lbs. After that point it is not uncommon for the unbor... Read More »

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Can a baby's birth weight be estimated by mother's birth weight?

Actually here is fact that i read in a book I cant recall the name of the book but I read it when i was pregnant. If you are having a relatively normal pregnancy and are going to carry to full term... Read More »

Will going off birth control cause weight gain?

On One Hand: Some Might Experience Weight GainBirth-control pills sometimes cause women to gain weight due to increased levels of estrogen, while in other women it has little effect on their overal... Read More »

Does taking birth control make you gain weight?

On One Hand: Patients Report ItWomen often do report weight gain after they start using hormonal contraceptives for birth control, and it is one of the most common reasons for patients to stop taki... Read More »

Does the seasonale birth control make you gain weight?

On One Hand: A Pervasive BeliefAccording to a report published by eMed TV, there's a pervasive belief that oral contraceptives such as Seasonale cause weight gain. In fact, the report says, many w... Read More »