How much weight do you need to lose to lower blood pressure?

Answer Excess body weight is strongly correlated with high blood pressure. Any weight reduction in overweight patients, even as little as 10 lbs., has been linked to a corresponding drop in blood pressur... Read More »

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How much garlic do you need to lower blood pressure?

Studies performed on animal subjects have suggested that garlic may be beneficial for blood pressure control. These studies used a dosage level between 600 and 900 mg of garlic powder, which inclu... Read More »

Can losing weight lower blood pressure?

On One Hand: Losing Weight Can Lower Blood PressureAccording to the American Heart Association, if you are overweight, losing weight can help lower your blood pressure. Staying active will also hel... Read More »

If I lose weight will I still have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure (also commonly known as Hypertension) is often called the “silent killer”, as many people can live for years with this dangerous condition without ever experiencing a single... Read More »

I am a diabetic i need to loose weight and lower my blood sugar. I am so weak i need help! what do you suggest?

Speak to a nutritionist about a low carb diet which is perfectly safe for diabetics but you will need an expert to explain it thoroughly as you may feel weaker for the first few days which is norma... Read More »