How much weight do you lose after childbirth?

Answer Immediately after childbirth, a woman loses the weight of the baby, about 2 pounds of fluid and about 2 pounds of placenta. About 4 pounds of water is then shed over the next week. Many women retur... Read More »

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How much weight do you lose after pregnancy?

Women lose an average of 12 pounds right after having a baby. This assumes an average sized 8 pound baby, a 2 pound placenta, and 2 pounds of fluid. Another 4 pounds of fluid is lost within a week.... Read More »

How much weight does a person lose after a delivery?

You will probably lose around 13 lbs. of weight during the birth of your baby; this includes the baby weight, amniotic fluid and the placenta. You will lose additional water weight within a few day... Read More »

Why can't lose weight after so much yoga and walking?

Yes you are replacing fat for muscle which is good. If the numbers don't come down that's OK... because when your body has less fat and more muscle it tends to burn more calories. It takes more cal... Read More »

About Losing Weight After Childbirth?

A woman only wants to hear: "When are you due?" prior to giving birth. When the baby arrives, some of those pregnancy pounds will drop but not all of them will instantly melt away. With weight gain... Read More »