How much weight could the branches of a tree support?

Answer There are many different factors which would affect the amount of weight that the branches of a tree could support; a maple tree has a stronger branch than a pine tree, for example, and a larger tr... Read More »

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How to Draw a Family Tree Using Tree Branches & Leaves?

Family trees are graphs or drawings that depict the ancestry of a certain individual or family. Using actual parts of a tree to depict the lines of ancestry is an appropriate and visually appealing... Read More »

How much weight can a cinder block support?

The American Society for Testing and Materials publishes standard expectations for load-bearing masonry, such as concrete cinder blocks. Different concrete mixes and cinder block molds have differ... Read More »

How Much Weight can an Apartment room support?

There is no single answer. Talk to a builder, architect, or perhaps a structural engineer.

How much weight can your floor support?