How much weight can you lose by jumping rope?

Answer Jumping rope is more of a good exercise for gaining stamina and endurance. It will also help you lose weight though, you would get better results if you mixed up your workout and didn't wear the sa... Read More »

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How to Lose Weight by Jumping Rope?

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Can jump rope help me lose weight?

if you're talking fat-burning, get the heart rate to between 60-80% of your max {your max=220 minus your age}. in this range you'll feel like you're working but should still be able to talk and sin... Read More »

How to Spool Knit a Jumping Rope?

A homemade jumping rope is fun to make and fun to play with afterwards.

Painful stomach cramps when jumping rope?

could be abdominal strain. go get checked cause could be almost anything. as long as it isnt consistant all day, i wouldnt worry too much. might be hernia and when u jump it is shifting stuff. they... Read More »