How much weight can you lose by jump roping 100 times each 5 days a week?

Answer Exactly 4 lbs. All other answers were entirely made up.

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Is working out 4 times a week enough to lose weight?

A Jillian Michael's workout! Whew! Those are tough, though they sure do work for toning and strengthening. However, with regards to your just sticking with Jillian's 30-day Shred, you should rea... Read More »

How Many Times a Week Should You Work Out to Lose Weight?

The kitchen floor can be one of the dirtiest areas of the home, typically made of a hard substance that bacteria sits on top of and grows at rapid pace. This makes it extremely important to keep th... Read More »

If I work out 5 days a week, will I lose weight?

yea! definitely! it depends on what your eating as well. Most ppl think they'll go to the gym do some exercises and bam! they'll loose weight. but the more you workout the more you want to eat. thi... Read More »

Can I lose weight with a acolorie intake of 1,500 calories & excercising 1 hour & 30 mins for 5 days a week?

Yes of course if you take the exercise serious like, also if you stick to it,