How much weight can you lose by eating vegetables?

Answer Including vegetables as a main component of every meal has many benefits, including weight loss. The exact amount of weight loss depends on your current weight, diet and daily caloric intake, among... Read More »

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Why would you gain weight from eating vegetables?

It's virtually impossible to gain weight eating vegetables only, unless you are cooking them in a lot of fat, or adding other ingredients to them. The amount you would need to eat to create a calor... Read More »

If i eat only fruit and vegetables will i lose weight?

Yes it will help but it is bad for you. You should exercise. Start by doing alot of cardio which is for example running and doing alot of movement. You should eat normal don't go past your limit ea... Read More »

Is the weight/fat you gain from eating cookies/cake the same as if it came from vegetables/steak?

It is different. Depending on the source of energy you get to gain weight, you can put yourself at a certain risk if it is coming from junk food or highly fattening food or it could help you to gai... Read More »

I don't know how to lose weight other than not eating?

I know how you feel. I have a problem with eating very little to lose weight then eventually putting some of it back on. I'm a vegan and on my way to 18 too. Anyway, here are some weight loss tip'... Read More »