How much weight can you lift while pregnant?

Answer Answer i think its best if you discussed this with your Dr. hard to answer because not much info offered,such as how many months you are, your health ect.

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How much weight can a pregnant woman lift safely?

I read this article and it said that the only problem to lifting heavy weights late in the pregnancy was because of the womans center of balance being thrown off and she could hurt herself. But lif... Read More »

How much weight should a pregnant woman lift in her first trimester?

How much weight can compressed air lift?

Compressed air is pressurized air sent through an opening. For example, 100 lbs. per square inch through a one-inch-diameter nozzle has a lifting force of 100 lbs. Commercial air lifts can lift m... Read More »

How much weight can one helium balloon lift?

A 1-foot diameter balloon has a volume of 0.5 cubic feet. In order for a helium balloon of this size to lift anything off of the ground, the weight of the object being lifted would have to be less ... Read More »