How much weight can be lost on a fruit diet?

Answer Although "The Fruit Diet" has been getting publicity for promising 9 to 10 lbs. of weight loss in 3 days, the exact amount of weight you can lose on a fruit diet varies, depending on the amount of ... Read More »

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How much weight can be lost with a special k diet?

The Kellogg's Special K diet lasts for two weeks and could help you lose between 3 and 6 lbs. It's fairly simple to follow, eat one bowl of Special K with skim milk for breakfast and have another ... Read More »

Fruit Diet to Reduce Weight?

The Fruit Diet, or Fruit Flush, generally refers to the eating plan outlined by nutritionist Jay Robb in his book "Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox." It is not the same as a fruitarian diet, where a person ... Read More »

How much weight can be lost on the Master Cleanse diet?

Average daily weight loss with the Master Cleanse diet is 1 lb. per day, but 2 lbs. daily is possible. Weight loss depends on caloric intake and deficit, and women tend to lose more weight on avera... Read More »

Has anyone lost weight on the body ecology diet?

People have lost weight on the Body Ecology Diet. The diet is designed to fight obesity with the primary goal being to repair and restore health and vitality through dietary changes.References:The ... Read More »