How much weight can be lost in two months?

Answer Weight loss is healthiest when it's gradual. The general recommendation of medical and fitness experts is that you aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. This means a loss of up to 16 pounds in 2 mont... Read More »

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I havent had a period for 4 months lost alot of weight, could this be why?

Oh yeah. Exercise and weight loss can both cause amenorrhoea. I've been there done that. Usually when I start to cut back on the exercise and increase my calories my period will come back within a ... Read More »

My nephew doesn't eat and hasn't lost any weight in three months. What you think.?

I've lived for months of my life on no food at all and lost very little weight, also exercising every day.Different people are different.At most, I can consume 500 calories (of veggies, NOT carbs) ... Read More »

How can you lost a baby at 5 months?

It's possible to lose a baby at anytime during a pregnancy. An undiagnosed UTI may be the culprit, but there are a myriad of different things that could have caused it.

Ok so I lost 30 lbs in 2.5 months I would like to gain it back ASAP . HELP , HELP!?

Soda pop will fatten you up pretty fast, & is a lot cheaper than what you suggest. You could be obese in just a few months with as little as a 32 oz drink per day.